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Making and Keeping Your Goals to Get Healthy

Posted by Arja on January 25 in Holistic Health

Health and vitality isn’t merely about eating good food, although that is a major component.  In order to really make an investment in your longterm health you should also incorporate regular exercise into your weekly routine.  Starting any exercise program can be daunting and many people find that they’ve gone off track before they even start to reach their goals.  I’ve enlisted the expertise of my good friend, personal trainer Tracy Simmons from Commit to Fit to help you set some reasonable goals.

My name is Tracy and I blog about all things fitness at Commit to Fit.  I am also a personal trainer who specializes in home workouts for women with my company, Custom Fit Consulting.  I am thrilled that Arja has invited me to guest post today.

How many of you have made a resolution to get fit this year?  How many of you made that exact same resolution last year? Even with the best intentions, many of our healthy habits and regular workouts seem to fizzle by the end of February.

Well, not this time!

I have written a lot about different approaches to goal setting and today I want to share with you some tips that will not only help you reach your fitness goals, but help keep you on track all year long.

Think Outside the Box when Setting Goals
There is no use in making a long list of goals if you a) are never going to look at that list again or b) get overwhelmed and discouraged by that list.  I know I do and that is why I created this Inspiration Board.  It is a daily reminder of what I want to achieve and what motivates me to move forward.

Try a few different ways to tackle you goals so you can find the right one for you.  Here are a couple of ideas:

• Put pen to paper and make a list of the things you would like to accomplish this year.  Then, think about how you are going to achieve these goals. If you feel comfortable, you can set specific dates to have them completed by.
• Use an online program to track your progress.  There are many fantastic and free resources available to help you out, like SparkPeople and FitDay.
• Create a visual reminder, like I did with the Inspiration Board.  You could also make a video slideshow of images that move you or tape yourself talking about the goals you would like to work on this year.

Think Long and Hard Before You Join a Gym
Almost every club out there is offering an incentive to join right now.  However, before you sign on the dotted line, ask yourself these questions:

• Does the club offer a free pass so I can try before I buy?
• Is this gym conveniently located and easy to get to from home and/or work?
• Does it have all the services I need to meet my fitness goals?
• Does it offer childcare (if needed)?  Is that an extra cost?

This is not to say that you shouldn’t join a fitness club.  If going to the gym is what motivates you to exercise then go for it! You just want to be sure it is something that you can commit to before you invest your hard earned money.  Most clubs require you to sign up for at least 6 months and that could mean $300-$600 down the drain if you only use the facility for a few weeks.

You may also want to consider working out at home as an option.  For less than $100 you can invest in a stability ball, resistance band, hand weights and a few workout DVDs.

Think About What Kind of Support You Need
Are you able to reach your goals on your own or do you need a little help from your friends?  Can you follow your own fitness program or would you benefit from a few sessions with a personal trainer?  Ask yourself what you need in order to be successful and take the time to write it down. 

Sharing your goals with friends and family can help hold you accountable, but this doesn’t work for everyone.  Just like the goal setting process, you need to figure out what kind of support system works for you.

Come on over and visit my blog for more great health tips.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Arja is a Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for balanced living. She loves to help people sleep better, think better, feel sexier, and just generally feel better by putting the focus on eating foods that make you feel good. Arja uses whole foods, lifestyle adjustments, herbs, and some supplements to help people feel their best and achieve their health and wellness goals.