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Back to Basics – Sprout Your Own Food!

Posted by Arja on January 22 in Nutrition, Side Dishes

In the midst of a bitterly cold January in Canada, it’s unlikely that you’re growing much food of your own.  Sure, if you’re in Toronto you can hit up markets like Evergreen Brickworks, Dufferin Grove, or Wychwood Barns to grab food grown by local farmers, but most of the fresh stuff these days comes in the form of root vegetables, squash, or fruit that holds up in cold storage.  Sprouts are a great way to add fresh green food into your diet, but purchasing organic (or even non-organic) sprouts on a weekly basis can get pricey, especially if you want to have more than one variety on hand.

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Oven-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Posted by Arja on February 1 in Side Dishes

If you live in Ontario, Toronto in particular, I think you’ll agree with me when I say this weather is crazy.  Is it winter or is it the start of spring?  It’s still cold enough that I’m more inclined to seek out warm, comforting meals for dinner, yet the balmy temperatures are making me yearn for the fresh flavours of spring and summer.  This oven-roasted cherry tomato recipe offers the best of both worlds

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