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Get Back into the Kitchen + Simple Dal Recipe

Posted by Arja on January 12 in Holistic Health, Nutrition, Main Dishes, Meatless, Soups and Stews

Although I don’t place much emphasis on making New Year’s resolutions these days, I do love harnessing the powerful energy that comes at certain times of the year (back to school, spring, New Year, and birthdays) to re-focus myself.  For those who do make resolutions, health and wellness goals are often at the top of the list, which makes sense.  It’s a lot easier to achieve your other goals or intentions if you’re feeling good.  I’m not opposed to people having a goal, or making a resolution.  It just seems like too many are either motivated by fear or other negative emotions, which leads them to race towards their goals at a pace they cannot sustain.  If you’ve made goals this year, why not keep them simple, and take small steps towards achieving them?

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The Return of the Slow Cooker:  Ginger Broccoli Beef

Posted by Arja on January 5 in Holistic Health, Nutrition, Main Dishes, Soups and Stews

As far as small kitchen appliances go, the slow cooker isn’t new technology.  Not much has changed from the original concept and design, and after a dip in popularity in the 1980s, the slow cooker has made a resurgence.  A quick search on the internet will yield all kinds of recipe ideas, and while many involve packaged soup mixes and other questionable, processed ingredients, it’s possible to assemble a whole foods based slow cooker meal in a reasonable amount of time using simple, whole foods.

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Sweet + Simple Gifts 2015 - A Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Arja on December 4 in Holistic Health, Personal Care and Cleaning

Chances are you’ve got a few gifts left to buy and, if you’re anything like me, trying to come up with ideas for family, friends, teachers, and hostess gifts can feel a bit overwhelming. 

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Nutrition + Yoga for Stress Management - December 2016

Posted by Arja on December 1 in Newsletters

The holiday season is a busy time of year for many with parties, family dinners, shopping, and other commitments.  It may all be in the name of joy and fun, but can also add up to feeling rushed, stressed, and pulled in many directions.  Why not figure out some ways to bring a little calm in to the chaos this holiday season?​

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Seeds – Small But Mighty (and mighty delicious!)

Posted by Arja on October 9 in Nutrition

In the world of snacks, protein, and dairy milk alternatives, nuts get a lot of attention, and for good reason as they’re chock full of beneficial nutrients.  But what about the humble seed?  These tiny nutritional powerhouses should be a part of your weekly, if not daily diet, and there are lots of ways to use them.  The bonus?  They’re typically not an allergen, and often safe to consume even where nuts are not allowed.

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