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21 Day Balanced Reboot - April 2014

Posted by Arja on April 13 in Holistic Health, Newsletters, Nutrition

Making changes can be hard, but you don’t have to struggle and do it on your own!  If you’re ready to sleep better, lose some weight, kick your sugar cravings, and boost your energy then join us for the next 21 Day Balanced Reboot!

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21 Day Balanced Reboot - January 2014

Posted by Arja on January 6 in Newsletters

It’s a new year filled with new intentions.  It’s hard not to feel like the start of a new year is like starting again with a clean slate!  You’ve got an opportunity to review your experiences from the year that has gone by, and look forward armed with what you’ve learned from it all.  Many people make new health goals a top priority at the start of each new year, but dive in too quickly, and without enough guidance.  Why not set a slower pace this year and learn how to change your habits for the long term?

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Gorgeous Skin Without the Chemicals:  An Interactive Workshop with Graydon Clinical Luxury by Nature

Posted by Arja on October 16 in Newsletters

Every day the average person uses over 10 different personal care products containing hundreds of different toxic chemicals.  Many of these chemicals are hormone disruptors that have been linked to infertility, cancer, and birth defects. What if I told you that getting pretty didn’t have to be so toxic?

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Tune-Up, Renew, or Re-Commit to Your Goals - Nutrition & Personal Training Packages

Posted by Arja on February 4 in Newsletters

Did you set health and wellness goals for yourself this year?  365 days from now, don’t look back and regret not pushing yourself to achieve them!

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Come and join me at a workshop!

Posted by Arja on October 29 in Newsletters

I’m pleased to announce that I’m presenting a workshop, alongside my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Jackie Streich N.D. on November 10 from 1:30-3pm.  The topic is Menopause - Managing Symptoms Naturally.

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Arja is a Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for balanced living. She loves to help people sleep better, think better, feel sexier, and just generally feel better by putting the focus on eating foods that make you feel good. Arja uses whole foods, lifestyle adjustments, herbs, and some supplements to help people feel their best and achieve their health and wellness goals.