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Spring Things - Ginger Orange Dressing

Posted by Arja on May 6 in Nutrition, Salads

Spring is a bit slow to warm up this year, but it’s here.  My garden is bursting with green things, the days are longer, and the air smells warmer.  Oh, and those super annoying little black bugs, midges, are back in full force.  Yup, spring is definitely here.

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Taming Your Sweet Tooth

Posted by Arja on January 27 in Holistic Health, Nutrition

It’s no secret that sugar isn’t very good for you, but if you’re looking to cut down on the amount that you’re eating you’ll need to do more than just skip the sugar in your coffee or tea.

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Back to Basics – Sprout Your Own Food!

Posted by Arja on January 22 in Nutrition, Side Dishes

In the midst of a bitterly cold January in Canada, it’s unlikely that you’re growing much food of your own.  Sure, if you’re in Toronto you can hit up markets like Evergreen Brickworks, Dufferin Grove, or Wychwood Barns to grab food grown by local farmers, but most of the fresh stuff these days comes in the form of root vegetables, squash, or fruit that holds up in cold storage.  Sprouts are a great way to add fresh green food into your diet, but purchasing organic (or even non-organic) sprouts on a weekly basis can get pricey, especially if you want to have more than one variety on hand.

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Celebrate Success + Eat More of These 5 Healthy Foods

Posted by Arja on January 7 in Holistic Health, Nutrition

It’s the start of a new year, and with that comes a sense of renewed energy.  Some people use it to tackle projects around the house, or come up with new ways to bring order where there is chaos.  Others take a look inwards to focus on personal growth and learning.  Regardless of whether you jump on board with goals of your own or not, here is no denying that a lot of this energy and drive is focused on health and wellness.

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Spring Harvest:  Eating the Best of the Season

Posted by Arja on May 22 in Nutrition

This has been a harsh winter for many, and the sight of spring bulbs blooming, the bright yellow flowers on the forsythia bushes, and a little sunshine on our faces is being welcomed with open arms.  While spring gardens are blossoming and growing, farmers and foragers have been busy harvesting the best edibles that spring has to offer.

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